ECFC 2018-2019 Coaching Assignments

High School Boys Coaches:

  • M00 Green - David Smith
  • M01 Green - David Smith
  • M01 White - Kevin McGibbon
  • M03 Green - Conor Peterhans
  • M03 White - CJ Hamel
  • M03 Blue - Chris Keffel


High School Girls Coaches:

  • F01 Green - Michelle Beattie
  • F03 Green - Francois Delafosse


Boys Coaches:

  • M04 Green - Bobby Howe
  • M04 White - Frank Barton
  • M04 Blue - Todd Schilperoort
  • M05 Green - David Smith
  • M05 White - Alex Jessup
  • M06 Green - John Hamel
  • M06 White - Francois Delafosse
  • M06 Blue - Chris Keffel
  • M07 Green - Conor Peterhans
  • M07 White - Kerry Hamel
  • M08 Green - C.J. Hamel
  • M08 White - Hunter Hanay


Girls Coaches:

  • F04 Green - Todd Schilperoort
  • F05 Green - John Hamel
  • F06 Green - Kevin McGibbon
  • F06 White - Kerry Hamel
  • F07 Green - Alex Jessup
  • F08 Green - Todd Schilperoort


Development Program Coaches (Boys and Girls U08 to U10):

  • Angel Planells
  • Conor Peterhans
  • CJ Hamel
  • Hunter Hanay

ECFC 2017-2018 Coaching Assignments

M99 Green: Todd Schilperoort
M00 Green: David Smith
M00 White: CJ Hamel
M01 Green: David Smith F01 Green: Michelle Beattie
M02 Green: Kevin McGibbon F02 Green: Kevin McGibbon
M03 Green: David Smith F03 Green: Francois Delafosse
M03 White: Alex Jessup
M03 Blue: Chris Keffel
M04 Green: Bobby Howe F04 Green: Todd Schilperoort
M04 White: Frank Barton
M04 Blue: Todd Schilperoort
M05 Green: John Hamel F05 Green: John Hamel
M05 White: Tyler Huggins
M06 Green: CJ Hamel F06 Green: Tai Po
M06 White: Francois Delafosse F06 White: Kerry Hamel
M06 Blue: Hunter Hanay
M06 Black: Chris Keffel
M07 Green: Keith Piccirilli
M07 White: Frank Barton
GK Coach:  Alex Jessup
Fitness Coach:  TBD
Development Program (U8 to U10): 

Angel Planells, CJ Hamel, Hunter Hanay, and Tyler Huggins

Coaching Staff - Older/High School Boys 2017-2018

Coaching slate for high school boys:

M99 - Todd Schilperoort (Head Coach), C.J. Hamel

M00 - David Smith (Head Coach), C.J. Hamel

M01 - David Smith (Head Coach), TBD

M02 - Kevin McGibbon (Head Coach), TBD

Note:  Final team assignments for coaches are TBD


ECFC 2016-2017 Coaching Assignments

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.34.08 PM

ECFC 2015-2016 Coaching Assignments

  • Please note that the coaching assignments are subject to teams forming.
  • Additional coaches will be appointed to accommodate those age groups that are growing in numbers.
Girls Teams Coach
GU11 Green - Francois Delafosse
GU12 Green - Todd Schilperoort
White  - TBD
GU13 Green - Francois Delafosse
White - Ta Poi
GU14 Green - David Smith
White - Alex Jessup
GU15 Green - Scott Smith
GU17 Green -  Matthew Olson
White -  Nate Rekdahl


Boys Teams Coach
BU11 Green - David Smith
White - Frank Barton
Blue - Alex Jessup
BU12 Green - John Hamel
White - Jon Bakken
Blue - Matthew Olson
BU13 Green - Todd Schilperoort
White - Sofien El-Mehrik
BU14 Green - Frank Barton
White - CJ Hamel
BU15 Green - Todd Schilperoort
M99 Green - Jon Bakken
White - John Hamel
M98 Green - Bobby Howe
White - C.J. Hamel
M97 Green - David Smith

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