New Players/Members - Getting Started

Things your player needs to know to join the Club!









Welcome to Emerald City FC!

Your player has completed tryouts/open trials and received an invitation to join one of our ECFC teams...Now What?  The information below outlines the steps new players need to take to get started with the Club:

Getting Started To-Do's

  1. Register and pay Club fee- sign your player up for the team he/she has been invited to join - information about Club fees will be included in the registration process. Click here to register for boys teams, girls teams, and general instructions
  2. Attend a Team Formation Meeting - If you tried out at the beginning of a new year (usually Feb for High School Boys, Spring for all other teams) attend the Team Formation Meeting which be held about a week after tryouts.  Click here for the team formation meeting dates and times.
  3. Practice/training schedules - your team manager will invite you to join teamsnap or other team tool which is used to track practice schedules, attendance and availability. 
  4. Uniforms/player kit - you may order uniform and player kit items here.  Ask your team coach or manager about assigning your player a number and which items should be purchased for practice/trainings and games.

After completing the short to-do list, the most important thing is for new players to get out there and enjoy our excellent coaches, training and share in the love of the game!


Who to Contact & Quick Links: 

  • Team manager - for questions about team logistics such as practice/training and game schedules, locations, times, availability, etc.  
  • Coach - for questions about player-specific issues such as placement, progress, etc.  Contact info for coaches can be found here
  • Other Team Level Roles - each team should have a Treasurer who takes care of team level fees and expenses.  Teams may also have a Parent Representative, Uniform, Volunteer Coordinators or other positions.  Ask your team manager about these roles for your player's specific team
  • Club Level Contacts - Most questions/issues can be addressed at the team level.  Club staff & board members are also available to help with club-level questions/issues: click here for a list of board & club contacts
  • ECFC Club Philosophy
  • ECFC Player Handbook - provides details about Club membership, responsibilities and benefits

  • Club Calendar  - calendar of clubwide events
  • Club Newsletters
Emerald City FC exists to develop each of our players to his or her fullest potential, competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game.