Class of 2008 and earlier


 Ely Allen, University of Washington    

Sasha Baines, Washington State University    

Stephanie Baines, University of San Diego    

Libby Bassett,  University of San Diego

Megan Coyne, Florida Atlantic University    

Nikki Gamble, University of Washington    

Christy Dettmer, Birmingham Southern College    

Maggie Falkenreck, Syracuse University

Mary Kuder, Yale University

Sam Morris-Rosenfeld, Whitman College

Ryan Hawkins, University of Washington

Curry Knox,  Colgate University

Leah Peterson, Tulane University

Casey Pleas, Santa Clara University

Simon Quay, Whitman College

Mickey Pelland, Seattle University

Ian Russell, University of Washington

Pat Scott, University of Santa Barbara

Eva Strickland, University of Illinois

Brenda Zittel, Seattle University

Jess Rogers, Stony Brook University

Megan Miller, Kansas University

Ana Gutierrez, Seattle University

Jennifer Bosa, University of Portland

Emerald City FC exists to develop each of our players to his or her fullest potential, competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game.