Congratulations Ibrahima and Peace!


(April 9, 2012) “Emerald City F.C. is delighted that two of our players have graduated to academies. Both Peace and Ibrahima have made outstanding progress this year and their promotion is a testament not only to their hard work and determination but also, to the environment created by our club.”Bobby Howe. (Emerald City FC Coaching Director Emeritus; M95 Green head coach)


“There is no magic formula for success. Coaching at youth level is all about working with players to improve their performance so that they may aspire to a higher level of play. It is not about recruiting players to build teams to win championships.” How to Play the Game…The Official Playing and Coaching Manual of USSF.
Peace (M95 Green) has played with Emerald City FC since he was 9 years old and has made the Sounders FC Academy. Former Emerald City FC players that have and still are playing for the Sounders FC Academy are Aaaron Kovar (M92 Green), Rodney Greiling (M92 Green), Sam Perkins (M93 Green) and Tolussa Hassan (M93 Green).
Ibrahima (M95 Green) has played with Emerald City FC for the past 3 years and he has made the Crossfire Academy. Former Emerald City FC players that have and continue to play on the Crossfire Acadamy are Hamza Haddadi (M93 Green).
Ibrahima (seated 3rd from right) and Peace (seated 2nd from right)
We wish Peace and Ibrahima every success.
Emerald City FC exists to develop each of our players to his or her fullest potential, competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game.