ECFC 2017-2018 Coaching Assignments


M99 Green: Todd Schilperoort      
M00 Green: David Smith      
M00 White: CJ Hamel      
M01 Green: David Smith   F01 Green: Michelle Beattie
M02 Green: Kevin McGibbon   F02 Green: Kevin McGibbon
M03 Green: David Smith   F03 Green: Francois Delafosse
M03 White: Alex Jessup      
M03 Blue: Chris Keffel      
M04 Green: Bobby Howe   F04 Green: Todd Schilperoort
M04 White: Frank Barton      
M04 Blue: Todd Schilperoort      
M05 Green: John Hamel   F05 Green: John Hamel
M05 White: Tyler Huggins      
M06 Green: CJ Hamel   F06 Green: Tai Po
M06 White: Francois Delafosse   F06 White: Kerry Hamel
M06 Blue: Hunter Hanay      
M06 Black: Chris Keffel      
M07 Green: Keith Piccirilli      
M07 White: Frank Barton      
GK Coach:  Alex Jessup
Fitness Coach:  TBD

Development Program (U8 to U10): 

Angel Planells, CJ Hamel, Hunter Hanay, and Tyler Huggins

Coaching Staff - Older/High School Boys 2017-2018


Coaching slate for high school boys:

M99 - Todd Schilperoort (Head Coach), C.J. Hamel

M00 - David Smith (Head Coach), C.J. Hamel

M01 - David Smith (Head Coach), TBD

M02 - Kevin McGibbon (Head Coach), TBD

Note:  Final team assignments for coaches are TBD


ECFC 2016-2017 Coaching Assignments

M98 Bobby Howe
M99 Jon Bakken
C.J. Hamel
M00 David Smith
M01 Frank Barton
CJ Hamel
M02 Todd Schiperoort
Chris Keffel
M03 David Smith
Alex Jessup
Chris Keffel
M04 David Smith
Frank Barton
M05 John Hamel
Jon Bakken
Kerry Hamel
M06 CJ Hamel
Hunter Hanay
F98  Todd Schilperoort
F00 Todd Schilperoort
F01 Jon Bakken
F02 Kevin McGibbon
F03 Todd Schilperoort
Tai Po
F04 Francois Delafosse
F05 John Hamel
F06 Tai Po

Goalkeeping                                                    Fitness

        Matt Olson                                                        Amanda Potts

Development Staff

Chris Keffel

Carlos Cardenas

Hunter Hanay

CJ Hamel

Kerry Hamel

ECFC 2015-2016 Coaching Assignments

  • Please note that the coaching assignments are subject to teams forming.
  • Additional coaches will be appointed to accommodate those age groups that are growing in numbers.
Girls Teams Coach
GU11 Green - Francois Delafosse
GU12 Green - Todd Schilperoort
  White  - TBD
GU13 Green - Francois Delafosse
  White - Ta Poi
GU14 Green - David Smith
  White - Alex Jessup
GU15 Green - Scott Smith
GU17 Green -  Matthew Olson
  White -  Nate Rekdahl


Boys Teams Coach
BU11 Green - David Smith
  White - Frank Barton
  Blue - Alex Jessup
BU12 Green - John Hamel
  White - Jon Bakken
  Blue - Matthew Olson
BU13 Green - Todd Schilperoort
  White - Sofien El-Mehrik
BU14 Green - Frank Barton
  White - CJ Hamel
BU15 Green - Todd Schilperoort
M99 Green - Jon Bakken
  White - John Hamel
M98 Green - Bobby Howe
  White - C.J. Hamel
M97 Green - David Smith

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