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Our Mission

“Emerald City FC is dedicated to creating a positive and dynamic learning environment where players not only desire to succeed, but become enthused by the experience to contribute to the success of others.”

We are more than a soccer club, we are more than a life experience.... We are ‘Soccer for Life’


What People are saying about Emerald City FC

Rich Kovar - Father of Seattle Sounders FC Aaron Kovar:


"Aaron ended up with the Sounders. The Kovar family can look back with fondness at all the years with ECFC. I look back at my kid’s soccer skills and know where they developed. Aaron just made it on the U-18 Men’s National Team Pool. I think he is the only kid from the Pacific Northwest. Win a spot on the 18 man roster or not, we are so very proud of him and all the work he has put into his passion for all these years. I am (speaking) to acknowledge to Emerald City FC the huge role the club has played in his development.”

Jasper Malamud - University of Washington Soccer Player:

“I really enjoyed playing for Emerald City FC. The coaching staff has been fantastic. My first years were with Jon Matsushita. He had a great style and made playing — whether winning or losing — always instructive. He really motivated me to push myself. For the last two years I’ve been coached by Bobby Howe. He taught me new ways to approach the game, focusing on tactics and awareness. He helped me and my teammates make progress together — and his stories of playing professional soccer were always great. And of course over the years the players on my team have become some of my best friends. In some ways it’s hard to imagine leaving, but I look forward to seeing and playing with them in the future.”

Stuart Johnson - Shattuck St Marys' Academy Player:

Stuart's parents and their ECFC experience, “We have had a phenomenal experience with ECFC from day one. The team (coaches, players and parents) welcomed us and brought us up to speed quickly on the workings of the team. We feel very lucky to have had two years with Bobby Howe as coach of M97G and for the short time with coach David Smith. Stuart learned a lot about the game from his coaches, including GK coach Matthew Olson, and greatly improved his skills. We will miss the people who make ECFC such a great club, and will take with us lots of great memories.”

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