2019 Board Candidate Statements

There will be an election process for new ECFC Board Members in 2019.  Below are the candidate statements for this new cycle...


Candidate Statement – Current Board President Ryan Sawyer

I will be running for my third term on the ECFC board. During the first two, we've seen the club continue to grow and stabilize and offer a real and positive alternative for select and premier soccer in Seattle. Our coaching directors have set us on an excellent path and our coaching staff is doing well to embody our coaching philosophy, and we know this is true because word of mouth around town is helping bring new attention to the club. I serve on the board because I believe strongly in the club philosophy and am satisfied that we have people in place to be the different kind of club we want to be. My objectives for the next term are to continue to grow the club with special attention to the girls' side, to increase the sense of community so that players and families have a positive experience of continuity and growth with the club, and to increase our exposure in the larger Seattle soccer community with special attention to players and families currently underrepresented in select and premier soccer.


Candidate Statement – Current Board Treasurer David DiGiuseppe

I have served on the board for the past four years and am hopeful and excited to serve another two-year term.  The transformation over these past four years has been remarkable to see and participate in.  Under Ryan’s leadership as Board President, a few years ago we hired John Hamel as the club’s Coaching Director and David Smith as Technical Director.  John and David have implemented new and innovative club programs like the mental skills training and our new partnership with the Reign.  I have filled the role as Club Treasurer for the past three years, working closely with the board, John and David to ensure that we spend our money thoughtfully and maintain a healthy financial position, in order to continue to be able to fund these innovative programs, offer financial aid and appropriately pay our top-notch coaching slate.  I’m honored to have served with knowledgeable and committed fellow board members.  I have two boys in the program who have played at both the White and Green team levels.  I fully subscribe to our club’s philosophy of putting player development front and center.


Candidate Statement - Chad Lepper

Hello!  My name is Chad Lepper and I am running for one of the Emerald City FC open board positions.  My son Finn is currently a 05 player (U15 this year) and has been a part of Emerald City since we joined the club as a U9 player.  Our family’s experience with Emerald City has been fantastic, providing our son with a more rewarding and challenging soccer experience while focusing on his development.  Being around the club as an active soccer dad has inspired me to find ways to give back to the club that has given so much to us.  I recently had the opportunity to coordinate the 2019-2020 tryouts.  What an amazing experience working with the coaches and current board along with meeting all the parents and players.  Coming out of that effort, I found I have a desire to give back to the club in a more robust way.  Serving Emerald City and its members on the board would be a privilege and challenge if granted the opportunity.  Thank you for your consideration.


Candidate Statement - Paul Wacker

After a long 27-year hiatus from Emerald City FC I am returning as a Parent after having been a Coach from 1990-1992. I began my soccer playing career in 1970 at the age of 7 and my coaching career in 1985 at the age of 21. I have seen and been a part of the growth of soccer in the Seattle area for this entire time. Currently I sit on the Board of Terrace Brier Soccer Club in the position of Director of Coaching and Player development where my daughter has played the last 4 years.  I have coached at various levels in the following clubs, Shorelake, Emerald City, Seattle United, Terrace Brier, Kent and was a founding member of the Shorelake Advanced Development program and FC Shoreline soccer club. In addition to these clubs I was also Assistant Coach at Shorecrest HS under the direction of Head Coach Teddy Mitalas from 1995-2002. My hope is to bring my vast soccer knowledge and experience to the Board as the VP of Membership and represent all the other Parents in the club in doing so. Thank You.