Welcome to the ECFC Managers site

The ECFC manager coordinator is Eli Holmes M00G tam@emeraldcityfc.org

The 2016-2017 new manager mentor is Joe Shaeffer F04G josephs@mhb.com


Look under 'About ECFC' > Staff and see if the person you need is listed.

Looking for a team contact? Look under 'TEAMS', then go to the team website.  The manager contacts are there.

Need help with player cards or US Club? Contact Amy Wakeman.  (contact Eli as a back-up if you cannot reach Amy)

Does your team treasurer need help? Contact the club treasurer.  Look under 'About ECFC', then go to 'Staff' or 'Board'.

Uniform ordering questions? Contact the club uniform coordinator.  Look under 'About ECFC', then go to 'Staff' and scrol down.

Need help with your PSPL team page? Contact Eli.

Need some forms or have manager questions? First look in the manager dropbox folder (you were sent the link).  You'll find the manager handbook there and lots of forms and information.  If that doesn't answer your questions, contact Eli.