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Congratulations to the ECFC Players named to the 2017-2018 PSPL Academy Teams!

PSPL Surf Academy Website

2004: Kaitlyn King

2001: Jake Zikan, Ryan Davies, Kaleab Mekuria

2000: Emanuel Abeye

1999: Elliot Jones

The PSPL Academy teams will represent Washington at tournaments and showcases.


Congratulations to the ECFC players chosen for the 2016-2017 PSPL Academy Teams!

PSPL Surf Academy Website

2003: Eli Dreon, Jake Faul, John Sawyer, Wilson Smith

2001: Jake Zikan

2000: Tristan Moehs

1999: Alex Whalen, Avery Jacobson, Owen Whalen

The PSPL Academy teams will represent Washington at tournaments and showcases.  2016 tournaments include Whitecaps College Showcase, Cerritos Memorial Cup, Surf Cup, and Showcase of Champions. Full tournament list


Congratulations to Avery and Diego selected to Region IV ODP Rosters


(December 17th, 2015) Congratulations to the ECFC players chosen for the 2016 Region IV ODP (Olympic Dev Program) Championships Rosters. The Region IV Championships will be held in Phoenix Jan. 7-10, 2016.

2/4/2016 Update: Avery traveled with the 1999 WA ODP team to Phoenix for the Region IV ODP championships in early January. They made the finals and took home the gold by beating CalSouth 3-2! As the Region IV champions, the team will represent Region IV in the US National ODP championships at the end of February.   Story and pictures here

1999: Avery Jacobson M98 Green
2000: Diego Soto (alternate) M99 Green

To learn more about the state EPD program please click here

Congratulations Avery and Diego


(September 3rd, 2015) Congratulations to the following ECFC players for being selected to the WA State EPD (Elite Player Development) program!  EPD brings together players from clubs thoughout the state for training and the team representing WA at the western ODP (Olympic Development Program) championships will be selected from the EDP pool.

Avery Jacobson, M98 Green, 1999 pool
Diego Soto, M99 Green, 2000 pool

Emerald City FC player, Saku Carter, to play for Sounders Academy

March 2015

"Emerald City FC is delighted to send another of our players to the Seattle Sounders Academy.  Not only is this a wonderful testament for a youth soccer club but also, it is an incredible achievement for one of our players.  The entire Emerald City F.C. family wishes Saku every success as he takes this next step in his soccer career. - Bobby Howe."

Saku aged 9


Saku has been a proud member of ECFC since he was 9 years old, playing for Coaches Bakken and Hamel.  He has truly benefited from ECFC’s excellent player development model and its superb coaching.  In May 2011, his second U11 team, led by Coaches Olson and Jessup, captured the WA Cup, and a year later, this team met Saku in Barcelona for a once-in-lifetime international tournament.

After his family’s 2 ½ year sojourn in Europe (during which he learned how the French play le foot), Saku returned to ECFC in Dec. 2013, joining Coach Howe’s U14 team which played in a number of tournaments and showcases along the west coast, in San Diego and Beaverton.


In Barcelona, Saku second from the left.

Thanks to ECFC’s US Club affiliation and its inclusion in the Puget Sound Premier League, Saku joined the Puget Sound Premier League’s M99 Academy team for 2013-14 and 2014-15 as a center defender.  This opportunity led to playing time in regional, national and international tournaments, in California, North Carolina, and British Columbia.  He was added to the Washington state’s ODP/EDP team roster in September 2014, and this team was a finalist in the US Soccer West Coast regionals in Phoenix this past January.
Saku is thrilled to have been accepted by the Seattle Sounders Academy team as a defensive player for the remainder of this season and next season, and appreciates the role that Emerald City and its coaches have played in bringing him to his current level of development as a soccer player.  He and his entire family is also grateful for the ways in which Emerald City has enhanced them socially, through the camaraderie fostered by the club-- between the players, the club members and its board, the coaching staff, and the family supporters.  While Saku’s affiliation with the club is shifting and his family will miss the day-to-day interactions and shared meals and tournament trips with their ECFC soccer family, their support for ECFC’s philosophy is undiminished.  Not only this, Saku’s ECFC teammates are among his closest friends, his dad Allen Carter will continue as a member of the ECFC board, and his mother and brother plan to attend  future ECFC matches to lend their support.  GO ECFC!

At the Beaverton Showcase 2015



Congratulations to the ECFC players selected for the 2015-2016 PSPL Academy teams

(January 17, 2015) 11 Emerald City FC players have been selected for the PSPL Surf Academy teams. The all-state academy teams will represent Washington at elite tournaments throughout the West Coast including the Showcase of Champions (WA), Whitecaps FC Invitational (BC), Avalanche Invitational (UT), Blues Cup (CA), NORCAL NPL Fall Showcase (CA), Carlsbad Cup (CA), and Surf Cup (CA).

Jacob Zikan (M99 White)

Brian Doherty (M99 Green)

Sakari Carter (M99 Green)
Ryan Farley (M98 Green)
Avery Jacobson (M99 Green)
Liam Walsh (M99 Green)
Jordan Watson (M99 Green)
Alex Whalen (M98 Green)
Owen Whalen (M98 Green)

Sophia Hopewell (F96 Green)
Melissa London (F96 Green)

To learn more about the PSPL Academy please click here

Congratulations Sakari Carter, ECFC M99 Green, for being selected for the WA Elite Player Development (EPD) 2000 team

Saku was one of 18 players from the EPD 2000 pool selected to represent Washington at the 2015 Olympic Development Program Regional IV Championships in Phoenix, AZ January 8-11, 2015.

At the championships, the boy's 2000 team was one of only 3 WA teams to make it to the finals.  They finished first in their bracket by defeating Colorado 4-0, New Mexico 2-0 (Saku scored the 2nd goal) and Oregon 2-0.  They were the only team to come out of their bracket with no goals allowed.  In the semi-finals, they won 2-0 over Nevada and faced Cal-South in the finals where they lost 0-3 to finish 2nd.


Congratulations Stuart Johnson, ECFC M97 Green, for being selected by Shattuck St Mary's Soccer Academy



(August 20th, 2014) Emerald City FC would like to congratulate Stuart Johnson for being chosen by Shattuck St Mary's Soccer Academy of Excellence. Stuart, a goalkeeper on ECFC M97 Green, will be joining one of the top USSDA programs in the country and in doing so will continue Emerald City FCs tradition of producing high level players.

As a leader on M97 Green and in the ECFC goalkeeping community, Stuart is a well liked player and will be missed by all his team mates. From ECFC Director of Goalkeeping, Matthew Olson "Stuart has developed a strong passion for soccer, and goalkeeping, during his time with Emerald City FC, so his move to the Shattuck-St. Mary high school residence program in Minnesota is an exciting next step for his development.  He will be immersed in an environment where the student athletes are vigorously challenged in both soccer and academics.  I am confident Stuart will thrive as he is pushed daily to become the best goalkeeper, the best student and more importantly, the best person he can be.

During his time at ECFC, Stuart has been an eager, hard working goalkeeper who relished each competitive drill.  His 'goalkeeper training teammates' will miss his determined and positive personality in trainings.  He has been great to work with and we want to wish him the very best as he goes into his upper class years in high school."

From Coach David Smith "Stuart has been a fantastic member of the M97 Green squad. He has an extremely grounded mentality and couples this with dedication and perseverance to improve his game. He has been a great team mate to his fellow players and we are all excited to see Stuart move on and fulfill his potential. His fun loving personality and sense of humor will be greatly missed!"

Stuart on being selected "... The tryouts were very hard and really intense. I was very impressed with the facilities, coaches and the rigorous training program. I'm really looking forward to this new challenge; it's an amazing opportunity for me  ..." Stuart will be playing with M97 Green alum, Jasper Malamud a midfielder, who joined Shattuck last season.

From Stuart's parents “We have had a phenomenal experience with ECFC from day one. The team (coaches, players and parents) welcomed us and brought us up to speed quickly on the workings of the team. We feel very lucky to have had two years with Bobby Howe as coach of M97G and for the short time with coach David Smith. Stuart learned a lot about the game from his coaches, including GK coach Matthew Olson, and greatly improved his skills. We will miss the people who make ECFC such a great club, and will take with us lots of great memories.” Emerald City FC would also like to thank Stuart's parents for their support of M97 Green and the club.

To learn more about Emerald City FC's Goalkeeping program please click here

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Hard work and dedication paying off!

Congratulations Johnny!


Receiving the Pivotal Player Award for 2013-2014, M97 Green

(April 28th, 2014) Anyone who knows Johnny Reynolds, knows that he is persistent and dedicated. In addition to his club training, don't be surprised if you see him with some friends and team mates kicking a soccer ball around at the park practicing free kicks and skills or joining in a late night Futsal match at a local community center. He has a dream of playing soccer at the highest level that he can and he's prepared to work hard to get there. Emerald City FC is very proud to have helped Johnny on his journey to reach his goals.  He started with ECFC at U11 and completed his U16 year with M97 Green this past season, which saw him being selected for the Sounders FC Academy '98 team in January 2014.

From ECFC Director of Coaching and ECFC M97 Green coach, Bobby Howe,

"Johnny Reynolds is a very talented soccer player.  He has skill, confidence and creativity.  These qualities have earned him a position on the Sounders Academy.  On behalf of all our members at Emerald City F.C. I wish Johnny every success and great enjoyment in this very exciting stage in his soccer career."

ECFC would also like to thank Johnny's family for their support and continued dedication to the game of soccer in the Seattle area.

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Emerald City FC players selected to the 2013-2014 PSPL Academy

(Friday, December 20, 2013) Congratulations to the following Emerald City FC players who have been picked to join the PSPL Academy:

Francis Thyer, F'00 Green

Clare Fuget, F'96 Green
Libby Niehoff, F'96 Green

Saku Carter, M'99 Green
Ryan Farley, M’99 Green
Avery Jacobsen, M'99 Green
Jack Bong, M'98 Green
Tanner Hannay, M'98 Green
Alex Whalen, M'98 Green
Owen Whalen, M'98 Green

Luca Barsher, M'97 Green
Raj Bhatia, M'97 Green
John Reynolds, M'97 Green

PSPL B'96/'97
Hossie Ellahi, M'95 Green
Mac Lyle, M'97 Green

(Updated 1.9.2014)


Jasper Malamud of ECFC M97 Green to play for Shattuck-St Marys Soccer Academy

(Tuesday, August 20, 2013) Emerald City FC would like to wish Jasper Malamud the very best of luck as he embarks on this new experience playing for the Soccer Academy of Shattuck St. Marys in Minnesota. Shattuck St Marys is a play and stay school that has produced a number of athletes in the recent past in soccer, hockey and golf. The U18 soccer team, last season, made it to the finals of the USSDA National finals for the first time in their schools history.

For the full article click here

Congratulations Clare and Libby for being selected for the PSPL Academy West 96 (WA) team


Clare Fuget (left) and Libby Niehoff (right)

(May, 2013) Both Clare and Libby play for ECFC F'96 Green and have been with Emerald City FC since U11. ECFC is very proud of their achievements and succes so far.

In addition to Clares success on the field, she is also the player rep for the female players of ECFC.


Congratulations Ibrahima and Peace!

(April 9, 2012) “Emerald City F.C. is delighted that two of our players have graduated to academies. Both Peace and Ibrahima have made outstanding progress this year and their promotion is a testament not only to their hard work and determination but also, to the environment created by our club.”Bobby Howe. (Emerald City FC Coaching Director Emeritus; M95 Green head coach)


“There is no magic formula for success. Coaching at youth level is all about working with players to improve their performance so that they may aspire to a higher level of play. It is not about recruiting players to build teams to win championships.” How to Play the Game…The Official Playing and Coaching Manual of USSF.
Peace (M95 Green) has played with Emerald City FC since he was 9 years old and has made the Sounders FC Academy. Former Emerald City FC players that have and still are playing for the Sounders FC Academy are Aaaron Kovar (M92 Green), Rodney Greiling (M92 Green), Sam Perkins (M93 Green) and Tolussa Hassan (M93 Green).
Ibrahima (M95 Green) has played with Emerald City FC for the past 3 years and he has made the Crossfire Academy. Former Emerald City FC players that have and continue to play on the Crossfire Acadamy are Hamza Haddadi (M93 Green).
Ibrahima (seated 3rd from right) and Peace (seated 2nd from right)
We wish Peace and Ibrahima every success.

ECFC M95 Greens, Peace Brandons Region IV ODP Championships experience


The Region 4 Championships were held this year in Phoenix, Arizona, January 14th to 17th. This was one of the best soccer experiences I have ever had. To qualify for this tournament as a player we had to participate in the EPD pool trainings, where all the players picked for the pool to begin with come together to train. The coaches then pick the players that they want for the 18 to be on the traveling roster. We needed to pay for the uniforms and the trip itself, have a few more trainings just with the 18, and then we were set to go. Everyone arrived at the airport in the black ODP polo, khakis, and clean running shoes. Once we arrived in Arizona, we got settled in, and got our room assignments. We only had one light training throughout the whole tournament, the rest of the time we were playing games. I played right back the whole tournament. It was very hot during the day (and snowing in Seattle!), and cold at nights. I loved it.

We ended up winning the whole tournament, beating Cal North 4-0 in the finals. I would have to say our toughest game was against Utah, which was 1-0 and we scored in the 44th minute off of a penalty kick. We also beat New Mexico, Arizona, and tied Colorado. Overall, it was the best soccer tournament that I have been to in my soccer career to date, and I hope to soon play there again. I am thrilled to have been a part of the team.

Emerald City FC would also like to congratulate Peace on being selected on the First Team of the Region IV 97 Boys All Star team.

Peace plays for Bobby Howe on ECFC M95 Green.

Congratulations to the following Emerald City FC players for making the EPD State Pool

Emerald City FC is very proud to have the following players selected for the 2011-2012 EPD State Pools

  • Peace Brandon (ECFC M95 Green): B97 pool
  • Jasper Malamud (ECFC M97 Green): B97 pool
  • Bishop Washington (ECFC M99 Green): B00 pool


Four players from M97 Green invited to US Club id2 event

(June 9, 2011) Congratulations to Luca Barsher, Raj Bhatia, Noah Latsch and Reid Rogers for being selected to attend the US Club id2 tryouts in Portland next month.

Established in 2004, US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program provides an opportunity for the country’s top youth talent to be identified and developed for possible inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs.
Player recommendations and the results from US Club Soccer’s own scouting process will be used to form a player pool from which qualified players will be invited to an id2 Training Camp.

There is no cost to the player to be scouted or recommended for the id2Program. Additionally, the id2 Program is open to all players regardless of U.S. Soccer affiliation, or lack thereof.

As a sanctioned US Club soccer organization in Washington state, the Puget Sound Premier League is beginning to take an active role in helping US Club identify players who have the potential to raise their game to the next level. In the coming year, the PSPL will be holding preliminary tryouts for the state’s top players to begin forming a player pool to recommend to US Club id2 staff.

2010-2011 RTC-EPD-ODP wrap up

Emerald City FC is very proud to have had the following players be part of the WA State Sounders RTC/EPD program this past season.

  • Paul Picciano (94) M93 Green -  ODP State Pool
  • Sam Perkins (95) M93 Green, now playing for the Sounders Academy – ODP State Pool, 95 EDP Team
  • Peace Brandon (97)  M95 Green – RTC Training Pool, EPD State Pool, Northwest Invitational, Region IV Camp
  • Jasper Malamud (97) M97 Green – RTC Training Pool
  • Raj Bhatia (98) M97 Green – RTC Training Pool, EPD State Pool, Northwest Invitational, PCI
  • Parker Cech (98) M97 Green -  RTC Training Pool
  • Reid Rogers (98) M97 Green – RTC Training Pool, EPD State Pool, Northwest Invitational, PCI

Please email if we have missed your players name from the list.