Tryouts - U11 to U15 Boys and Girls (2007 to 2011 birth years)

This is for boys with birth year 2007 through 2011, and girls with birth year 2007 through 2011.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, our tryout and team placement process will be much different from previous years:

  • Step 1: Register for Placement. Existing and new players can Register for Placement until April 30, 2020. During this time, existing and new players need to register with the club in their age group by birth year in order to be considered for placement on a team for the 2020-21 playing year. No fee will be asked for in order to register for placement. The registration link is HERE. Please follow it to the year the prospective player was born and register accordingly. If you are new to ECFC, you may need to create a new TeamSnap account.
  • Step 2: Discussion and Placement. Next, the directors and coaching staff will work together to discuss players and place players on teams. New players to the club will be tentatively placed in order to be evaluated and placed accordingly once we begin play.
  • Step 3: Roster Spot Offers.During this phase, coaches of assigned teams will call each registered player to offer an ECFC team roster spot to them, just as is done after a tryout process.
  • Step 4: Register for Team. We will send more communication on this when the time comes. After a player accepts an offer, they will then need to register (with a new link provided) for the specific team they are invited to join. Upon registering for a specific team, there will be a $200 registration fee. There will be no other mandatory payments required until later when the season is formalized.

U11-U15 Boys Coaches:

  • M06 Green - David Smith
  • M06 White - TBD
  • M07 Green - David Smith
  • M07 White - Hunter Hanay
  • M08 Green - John Hamel
  • M08 White - Francois Delafosse
  • M09 Green - Colin Schmetzer
  • M09 White - Kerry Hamel
  • M10 Green - CJ Hamel
  • M10 White - Alex Jessup

U11-U15 Girls Coaches:

  • F06 Green - Kevin McGibbon
  • F07 Green - Alex Jessup
  • F08 Green - Todd Schilperoort
  • F08 White - Kevin McGibbon
  • F09 Green - Chris Keffel
  • F10 Green - John Hamel

You can find information our coaches here.

Our age group chart is here.